What is the marking / label EU tire

Since November 2012, the new tires should bring EU indicators, usually in the form of a sticker. The new EU tire label provides independent rankings for three key areas in the effect of tires: fuel efficiency, wet grip and external road noise.
Fuel economy

A measure of the tire's rolling resistance, which is important for reducing both CO2 emissions and cost of driving. The Latin character A is the highest ratio and the Latin character G the lowest. The difference between each category means an increase or decrease of fuel consumption by 3% -4%.
Traction on wet

A measure of the tire braking performance on wet surfaces, a critical safety feature. The latinnikos character A (higher) is the shortest braking distance in the wet and the Latin character G (lower) is the largest braking distance on wet roads.

The difference in each category can mean extra (3-6 meters) to the stopping distance.
Outside noise

The outer tire rolling noise is measured in decibels. Noise category appears on the tire marking sign with black sound waves, from 1 (quiet) to 3 (loud).